The alarming situation for online Games, Police Started Blocking Games for Safety

The alarm was rung a year before when Blue whale caused more than 50 deaths across the world. Even after repeated warnings about these types of game which are not officially recognized by any organization, a new game named “Momo” has raised the alarm again as it also has claimed more than 30 deaths already. In order to keep checking the panic bursts of the general people, Police agencies in different countries have started making a list of the games which are to be banned soon. Unfortunately, a lot of official games also to be suffered as security agencies are to block those games where personal details or social details are asked to share.

Is Social login to be obsolete?

The point once which is taking the online gamers and game developers at stake that, social login option will be removed if the currently drafted things get implemented. The apps which show relevant advertise after analyzing the profile of the person logged in will also get the hit hard. Now it’s a challenge to make the apps and games according to the upcoming cyber laws though games like Blue Whale and Momo neither get listed anywhere nor ask for any kind of registration process. Moreover, these don’t ask you anything to install on your device! Android developers have criticized the steps taken by the security agencies worldwide.

Major changes for in game purchase may affect developers

In the game, purchases are also to be tightened. Users may have to use the official wallet like Google pay etc mandatorily and all the other options like where we can still pay via debit or credit card will be removed to follow the safety rules! Well, we also have not found anything behind this type of call! Now, it’s time for the online slots games to make the games according to the upcoming compliances by the cybersecurity of the countries where the games will be marketed.

In some games, tokens are being used and the tokens are to be collected from an online site, more specifically third-party site, using a username you just need to buy the tokens and using the same credential users can redeem that! The game developers don’t get around any kind of direct payment through an in-game purchase. But this is a temporary relief, there’re a lot more of these pesky laws. It’s time to see whether mother organizations of the mobile platforms like Android and Apple release any of official statement on this or not.

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