The eSports and the betting fever

The eSports phenomenon has experienced exponential growth in recent years. From the distant origins of the first Starcraft tournaments until today, everything totally revolutionized so that, in recent months, the debate on the presence of electronic sports at the Olympics has gone beyond the classic boundaries of gaming enthusiasts to enter the lounges of generalist television in every continent.

More and more sports clubs, especially football clubs, decide to dive into this world with real official teams for eSports tournaments, especially related to the most successful football game that is obviously the Fifa series produced by EA Sports.

As if this was not enough, you can even bet on eSports tournaments in specialized in play casino online.

The one that opened the way was MOBA, which stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. In particular, the two most representative games in this category were League of Legends and Dota 2 but then, in a short time, many other titles entered the online gambling mechanism.

Exactly as for the most traditional sports events, there are scoreboards with all the matches expected in the recognized tournaments and quotations obviously based on the strength of the single player or team. There are no precise statistics on the turnover of bets related to eSports but, undoubtedly, if you watch the daily increase of specialized sites offering the possibility to bet on Counter-Strike, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm and many others, it’s easy to guess that numbers are strongly growing.

The entire phenomenon could obviously go through a difficult time because there is a strong sensation that, like in other sectors, it can be the victim of a sort of bubble effect. On the other hand, however, it is also true to state that eSports are a reality with well-established foundations and that its growth trend will be constant on the long-term.

And the future could lead us to further innovations in this area. Just think of virtual reality. Think what it could mean for a videogamer who maybe has even bet on the event, have a 360-degree view directly from within the “battle” of a MOBA, a first person shooter or a real-time team strategy game.

All that once seemed to be the prerogative of science-fiction movies, in a short time could become reality and exponentially increase interest in universes that are certainly virtual but with consequences in the very real economy of betting, of sponsorships, without obviously forgetting all the streaming online phenomenon.

Some YouTubers have become millionaires thanks to their trailers focused on eSports. Of course, only a very small minority has achieved these incredible results, but they are “attractions” that help increasing the movement of people interested and eager to dream of becoming the new stars of the web. Who would not want to work exclusively making videos on YouTube and streaming on Twitch, do nothing else and wait for the transfer of the advertising revenue into their bank accounts?

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