Whatsapp Bug Allows Blocked Users to Access Profiles and Send Messages Unhindered

Whatsapp users all over the globe were recently plagued by a mysterious Black Dot bug that caused the app to crash repeatedly. Now, a new bug has appeared on the platform as reported by some users that allow blocked parties to view status updates and even send messages.


First reported by The Independent, this bug has reportedly affected millions of users on the Android and iOS platforms. As per numerous reports on Twitter, the bug allows blocked users to access photos and status updates and also sends messages unhindered.  Whatsapp, however, is yet to respond to this bug and is only likely to offer a fix after an official announcement.

However, some users have reported that unblocking the parties and then reblocking them again is restoring the normal functions and preventing the blocked users from accessing profiles and sensing messages again. But this can’t be termed as a permanent solution as blocked parties will be capable of viewing status updates and photos unless they alert the user by sending a message. We have also tried to check out this feature but it has not been fruitful probably because the bug works will users that have been blocked a long time ago.

Whatsapp introduced the block feature just like Facebook to enable the users to keep their contents hidden from unwanted people. However, the feature is not doing what it is intended to do currently and we hope that the authorities at Whatsapp take notice of this bug soon and offer a fix.

Meanwhile, some users on the Android and iOS platforms who use the beta version of the app have also reported that the much-anticipated group calling feature has been enabled. To be precise, users of Whatsapp for iOS version 2.18.52 and Whatsapp for Android version 2.18.145 have reported that they can use the group calling function and can also see the “Add Participant” option while they are on a video call.

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