Whatsapp Groups Receive Descriptions, Mentions, Admin Controls and More in the Latest Update for Android and iOS

Whatsapp announced yesterday that it is rolling out some new features to Whatsapp groups that include descriptions, mentions, and admin controls. These features will be available to both Android and iOS users in the latest update of the app. Most of these features were earlier spotted on the beta versions of both iOS and Android or were in development for the stable version of the application.

Whatsapp rolls out new features to Whatsapp groups

The new features include the ability to set a group description, a new mentions feature, more admin controls as well as a new participant search option. These features are quite similar to the ones found in Facebook groups for use by the admins. All the above-mentioned features will be available to both new and existing users of Whatsapp.

Talking about the new features in detail, group creators will now get the option of adding a group description while creating the group to inform the participants about the purpose or the rules of the group. The group description can be added or edited by admins as well as the participants but the admins will have the authority to restrict the members from doing so.

Some new admin controls have also been rolled out that include the ability to control who can change the group’s subject or icon. Admins can choose between two options of “everyone” and “only admins”. Apart from that group, admins can now remove admin permissions of other group participants and group creators can no longer be removed from the group he/she created.

In addition, WhatsApp group members will now be able to search for messages where they have been mentioned or messages that reply to them. The new feature called ‘Group catch-up’ can be used by simply tapping on the “@” icon that will be available at the bottom right corner of the chat.

Also, group members will now be able to search for other group participants by visiting the “group Info” section of that particular group. This feature will make it easier to find a particular participant in a large group.

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