Importance of Social Media Marketing

Today where people see and perceive the world not with their bare eyes, but from their phone screens, it is wise on the part of the marketers to target their customers through social media. Social media has proved its importance in the recent years. Seems like no business could be made successful without the social media marketing. And it is true, you can see a number of brands and business profiles promoting their products using the social media platform. It were the old days, where things were publicized via newspapers or televisions. Today, the new generations have no time to read the newspapers or watch TV, as they are always busy on their phone. Marketers know what platform can help them gain more customers, and it is indeed the social media. Remember marketing is a two way process. It is a give and take system. You give value to your customer and derive more profit in return. The more you give to your customer, the more they will pay you back.

According to a recent research, 97% of the companies market their products through social media.

Benefits of social media marketing

The main aim of any type of marketing is to increase your customers or followers, pull up the revenue, and gain more profit with the increasing number of sales. No doubt, social media promises a lot of benefits to your brand and you can even buy followers.

Makes people aware of your business:

 Social media marketing let’s people know of your products and most importantly the 4Ps of marketing (product, place, price, promotion.) It helps people know how your product is better from the competitor.

Brings you more customers:

It attracts more customers towards your brand. More customers means more sales, and more sales means more profit. Hence, it fulfills the main purpose of marketing.

Promotes your brands to broader environments:

Social media marketing promotes the products not only to their fellow citizens or countrymen, but also across the globes. It increases your circle, and help you find more loyal customers from across the borders.

Earn strong customer loyalty:

The objective of your brand should be the satisfaction of your customers. Increased satisfaction means they will remain loyal with your brand for a longer period. Give value to your customer, and wait for them to return that value in the form of sales.

Social media marketing can be effective if the brand;

Targets customers according to their needs:

Conduct surveys, do research to get to know the changing needs and wants of your customers and target them accordingly. Customers feel happy when the market offers them products of their desires. Produce what your customer want to buy, not what you want the customer to buy. And by doing this, your brand will reach the heights of success.

Stay sweet to their customers:

Instead of being harsh and rude to your customers, be soft and sweet. Address them in a pleasing manner. Thank them for choosing your brand instead of the competitor’s. Prove them it’s their best choice.

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