Astroid Framework – A New Fast, Free and Flexible framework for Joomla

Feeling Proud to introduce the all- new Joomla Framework in front of you – Astroid Framework. Astroid is a free, fast and flexible framework leading you to the world of endless possibilities to play with your creativity and imagination.
Astroid allows you to develop any kind of Joomla website and template which you can think of without any restrictions. Developed by JoomDev, Astroid is built on the cutting edge technologies like HTML, CSS, SCSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, and PHP.

Have a look at some of features offered by Astroid Framework

  1. Drag and Drop Layout Builder

Comes with drag and drop layout builder which makes it easy to create a powerful, professional website and template without any technical skills. Position for each module can easily be created and customized, all you need is to drag and drop the layout for your modules you need to have and that’s it.

  1. Visual Menu Editor

The New and Advanced Astroid Visual Mega Menu Builder helps manage categories and menu items on your Joomla websites or template in a more efficient manner and enable you to add customized colors of menu items and add modules inside the drop-down menu. You can also select between two prebuilt menu layout mode options i.e. Horizontal Mode & Stacked Mode.

  1. Unlimited Colors and Customization

Colors play an important role in human behavior. It connects to our feelings in a unique way, making it a powerful marketing tool.

In Astroid Framework, you are allowed to play with each and every color which you can see on the website. Customize each and every aspect of your next web project or Joomla Template with a dedicated space for Colors Customization.

  1. Design for Senses and Emotion

Designing is now heavily based around user experience and user interface because it has become all about the consumer. If your website takes fifteen seconds longer to load then it is for sure that your visitors are going to be pissed off.

We tried our best to remove all that flaws from Astroid framework and make it the best framework in terms of user interface and user experience.’

  1. Well Documented and Open Source

Astroid framework is well documented with screenshots & video references. All Steps to creating templates and websites with Astroid framework are described in details in the documentation.

And also, Astroid Framework is Open Source i.e. you can use it to make any kind of Joomla based website or templates without any restrictions.

Want to know more about Astroid Joomla Template framework? Read official blog post here.

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