Best Restaurant Woocommerce Themes of 2018 You Should Try

If you want to create a WordPress website for your restaurant, the most important requirement would be a good theme that will not only help to optimize your website but also look attractive and easy to use for your customers. Owing to the huge number of restaurant themes that are available in the market right now, it may turn out to be a difficult task to select one that suits all your needs. So here we have presented some of the best restaurant woocommerce themes that you can use on your restaurant website.

  • Resca

Resca is one of the best restaurant themes for WordPress that you can use in your restaurant, hotel or food joint website. The theme also offers unlimited customization options and is also friendly to search engines.  You can create a single page or multi-page website using Resca and it also offers a drag and drop layout builder to create multiple layers easily.

Check out Resca theme here

  • Kallyas



Kallyas is another great theme that you can use on your restaurant website. Kallyas features portfolio showcase abilities with over 100 elements to try out. These tools will help you to setup your website in minutes. It also features commercial capabilities that will allow you to showcase and market your products and services online with ease. The theme is also optimized for search engines so you will not need to worry about the SEO aspect at all

Check out Kallyas theme here

  • Piquant

Piquant can be used on any website related to the eatery business whether a restaurant, bar or café. The theme allows you to choose a homepage layout as per your requirements from a long list of available options. Apart from that, it also features a blog which you can use to display your special recipes to the customers. It also features a visual composer to create pages for your website.

Check out Piquant here

  • NUVO

NUVO is a very popular woocommerce theme that can be used for building websites for restaurants, bistros or cafes. The theme enables you to create menus by using the menu builder. It also features an inbuilt reservation management system to effectively manage table bookings. In addition, the visual builder also allows you to create multiple pages for your site.

Check out NUVO here

  • Bordeaux

Bordeaux is an elegant WordPress theme to be used for cafes or restaurant websites. A major advantage of using this theme is that it features a great menu card type design with multiple page support to fulfill all your requirements. The theme can also be customized according to your needs by altering the HTML codes. Another great feature of Bordeaux is the Orange Themes Control panel that is really easy to configure and also provides multiple customization options.

Check out Bordeaux here

By using some of these best restaurant woocommerce themes you should be able to set up your restaurant website in minutes. Also, keep in mind that all these themes are search engine friendly so you will not need to optimize them any further or worry about poor online traffic. You can also opt for a demo before actually installing any of these themes on your website.

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