Gmail Receives Dropbox Integration for mail Attachments

Google has announced the introduction of a number of features for its products and services at the Google Next event. The company also announced the addition of a new Dropbox add-on. This add-on will allow the users to easily manage the Gmail attachments in Dropbox.

Dropbox had previously announced its plans to work together with Google to integrate its products with a number of Google Cloud products in due course of time. Ketan Nayak, product manager at Dropbox, said, “What we wanted to share with you today was that we’re bringing one of the first [pieces] in this product partnership, the Dropbox add-on for Gmail, to GA,”

The addition of this feature will enable the users to use a direct integration of Dropbox which will display the attachments in a separate panel. From the panel, the users will be able to download and save the attachments directly on their Dropbox folder.

While announcing the integration, Google said, “We created this cross-browser, cross-platform solution that doesn’t exist today, especially on mobile, where a lot of our users live and work across these different tools. It’s been really hard for users to navigate in and out of different apps, and we really think of this add-on as a first step that enables users across our two platforms to start working more seamlessly.”

Nayak has further states that Dropbox is currently working in partnership with Google to implement some more add ones and features. This includes a feature that will allow the users to add a link to a file that is stored in the Dropbox folder directly in Gmail without having to leave the program at any point. The users will also be able to create and share links to Dropbox while composing an email. These features are currently in development and Google has confirmed at the Google Next event that these will be rolled out to the users very soon once they are ready.

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