Landbot Raises $2.2M Seed Round For Their Conversational Non-AI Chatbot

Landbot has announced their $2.2M Seed Round led by Nauta Capital and with participation from Encomenda Smart Capital. The startup is proving that AI isn’t always the better choice with their conversational user interface for landing pages.

Rather than an AI-based engine, Landbot’s chatbot adapts to each individual user based on their conversational choices. The result is a more personalized and engaging experience. Their chatbots are also simple for users to set up as they can be built without any sort of technical knowledge.  

Now that they’ve raised this funding round, Landbot has big plans to become the best conversational experience platform on the market and a world-class product.

“In a world where there are thousands of competing solutions in the market, the only way to win is to differentiate yourself from Product, Service, and Brand,” said Jiaqi Pan, CEO and Co-founder of Landbot.

Landbot will begin by relocating to Barcelona for better international visibility and triple their employee headcount. In addition, they will further improve the UX of landbot, enhance the building process, rebuild the chat management system, invest more into marketing and communication and add new product lines to cover the “complete spectrum of customer journey from generation to customer support.”

“Landbot has experienced strong commercial traction and virality over the past months and the team has been able to attract customers from a variety of countries and verticals,”  said Jordi Vinas, General Partner at Nauta Capital VC. “We strongly believe in Jiaqi’s ability to continue scaling the business in a capital efficient way.”

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