Monitor Your Dog’s Environment in Real-Time with PuppComm

Our pets are not the best at showing us when they’re uncomfortable, particularly when they’re overheated or too cold. Fortunately, pet-loving startup PuppTech is here to give dog owners peace of mind with their newest award-winning monitoring device, PuppComm.

PuppComm works by monitoring the environment around your dog and transmitting this real-time information through the cloud to the PuppTech app. Owners are alerted when there are any changes in the environment before they become a serious problem like a heating or cooling system failure. The device is both portable and connects via WiFi or cellular, so it can be placed virtually anywhere such as in the car during a road trip or simply on your dog’s crate at home.

However, PuppComm is more than just a temperature gauge. Other features include the ability to keep track of your dog’s location via GPS while in transit and a built-in microphone to make sure your dog isn’t excessively barking or whining. The app also brings personalization by providing custom alerts based on your dog’s unique characteristics such as breed, weight, age, health history and more. These alerts include hot and cold indexes, battery, timer, out-of-range signal, and barking. Owners may also monitor many dogs at once, each with their own individual profile.

According to PuppTech, PuppComm is just the first product of their ecosystem, with more products set to launch in the coming year.

PuppComm is available for pre-sale on Indiegogo today starting at $125 ($75 off). Backers will receive one PuppComm, access to the App (iOS, Apple Watch, Android) and window stickers. In the unlikely event you must leave your dog in the car, PuppTech’s window stickers share information about your dog’s safety with the concerned passerby.

For those interested in learning more about the way their dog feels temperatures and the factors that affect them, check out PuppTech’s Dog Safety Tool and Dog Safety Quiz. Or, head straight to the campaign page.

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