Mozilla Firefox 63 Update will Enable Users to Block Tracking Protection

Mozilla was able to gather a lot of praise from the public when it launched the Firefox Quantum browser last year. This new browser brought on board some new and unique features like Tracking Mode which was only available in the In-Private mode up until the launch. After the launch, the users were able to use the tracking feature on the general mode as well.


Now, as per the latest reports, Mozilla is currently working on an update that will enable the users to gain control over specific blocks of contents. These blocks of contents are reportedly tracking more information than the users want to share and some of it also slows down the browsing speed. This new Content Browsing feature will be rolled out with Firefox 63 which is expected to be made available in October.

Users will be able to locate the Content Browsing feature in the information panel of individual websites which they can access by hitting the ‘I’ button found right next to the address bar. The Tracking Protection feature of Firefox will be kept intact and the users will get the option to deactivate it for specific websites while it remains active for the rest.

In addition, users will also get to control this feature on the privacy preferences of Firefox. Apart from that, the users will also get the option to block the Content Blocking feature in private browsing modes so that they can deactivate it completely. The information panel will also allow the users to make a list of exceptions and access the list when required to edit or sort them. Mozilla will also allow the users to get an option where they can block contents that is slow to load or takes more resources.

The Tracking Protection feature is also reported to include more functionalities to improve the browsing experience of the users. This will allow the users to individually switch on or off the feature for advertisements, fingerprints, analytics and more. All these features are expected to be rolled out with Firefox 63 update.

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