TrueCaller Brings Call Recording Feature to Premium Users on Android

Truecaller has introduced a new call recording feature for premium users on the Android platform. The company intends to make the app more interesting and beneficial to the premium users apart from just establishing the identity of callers and blocking annoying calls. The new feature will allow the users to record both incoming and outgoing calls with the tap of a button. The feature has already started to arrive globally for premium users of the app.

Truecaller said in its official blog that the platform has been really beneficial to the users to identify annoying and unknown callers easily and also block them if they wish. However, the platform was missing a very popular feature called ‘call recording’ so the company has decided to roll out this feature for its Android users. However, there is no information about the availability of the feature on the iOS version of the app as of now.

The company has further mentioned that the call recording feature will also allow the users to keep a track of some specific conversations which will be saved in the user’s device storage. This will allow them to access this information as and when required.

A post on Twitter further says “This is another step towards upgrading our Premium offerings (that are) aimed at making communication safe and efficient by helping users report harassment related or fraudulent calls”.

Taking about activating this new feature, a pro user on the Android platform will first need to head to settings to activate the call recording option. To activate just follow the sequence Settings> Truecaller call recording> enable ‘Record calls’ to see the ‘Rec’ option while receiving a call.

Users can also activate the ‘Rec’ option from the blue Caller ID screen by tapping the toggle switch while making or receiving a call. Also, the pro users of the Truecaller app on Android will not have to install any third party apps to use this feature after they have paid the subscription charges.

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