Tribe Wallet 4.0: A Sleek & Sexy RFID Wallet

Over the last decade, we have moved to become a cashless society. Now, even cards are becoming obsolete with digital payment systems like Apple Wallet. While bulky wallets are now essentially a thing of the past, there are still some cards that we need to keep on hand. Enter: Tribe Wallet 4.0.

Slim wallets are not anything new, but the Tribe Wallet brings a unique modern design to consumers, perfectly balancing function, design, and sexiness.

With a sleek aluminum body equipped with beveled edges, the Tribe Wallet will slide effortlessly in and out of your pockets and won’t leave any deep impressions. Whenever you need to access your cards, simply push them up and pinch the bottom of the wallet to fan.

The Tribe Wallet also provides peace of mind with 360° RFID protection. By knowing your information is always safe, you can take Tribe Wallet with you on trips, to events and everyday adventures.


Tribe Wallet 4.0 is currently available on Indiegogo starting at only $39 in 6 styles (Jet Black, Gunmetal, Gold, Island Blue, Pink Rose, & Camo).

To learn more or join the Tribe visit: Indiegogo




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