Twitter Launches Quality Filter and Requests Tab for Direct Messages

Popular microblogging site Twitter has rolled out a new feature on its platform for filtering out messages. The new feature will enable the users to filter out unwanted direct messages on its platform. Twitter will now show two tabs; Inbox and Requests. While the Inbox tab will contain messages sent by users you follow on the platform, the Requests tab will feature messages sent by users you do not follow. The company says that this will help the users to filter out unwanted messages that they do not want to read.


As announced by a post on Twitter, the new feature has been rolled out to aid the users in sorting out their direct messages more effectively. As mentioned earlier, when you receive a DM from a user you don’t follow, the message will automatically get directed to the Requests folder. Once you enter the conversation, Twitter will provide you with two options to Delete or Accept. If you accept the message, the message will be sent to the Inbox folder and you will be able to engage with the user directly. Twitter has explained this whole process in detail in its Help Centre.

Twitter has also mentioned that the non-followers will not know if their message has been read or not until the message requests get accepted. Should you choose to delete the message, it will get removed from the tab permanently. However, this will not stop the user from sending you any more messages in the future.

In addition, Twitter has also rolled out another feature that can be enabled or disabled with a toggle switch. This feature if enabled will filter out lower quality message requests and will not feature in the Requests tab. The filtered messages will not be viewable in the requests tab section and you will not receive a notification about the same either. If you disable this features, all the messages sent by non-followers will be viewable again on the Requests tab. These features are currently available on the latest version of the Twitter app for Android and iOS users.

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