7 Ways to improve internet speed

The internet has reached millions of people over the last decade and become a part of our daily lives. There are countless web pages, social networks and social media sights on the internet today. It is shown by research that people spend hours surfing online and the internet has become an important part of their daily lives.

One of the main problems while using the internet is the slow speed of loading websites. The slow speed of the internet wastes time and trying to reload the websites, again and again, can cause irritation and a delay in work.

Even if one buys a fast internet plan, sometimes the speed can get slow at times. The following are some of the ways in which people can improve internet speed on their devices:

How to Improve Website Speed

Check the Router

Sometimes a bad modem or a router slows down the internet speed. By upgrading the router’s firmware, people can improve the speed of the router. Replacing the old router that has old technology and buying an upgraded version of the router with the latest technology will improve the website speed.

Upgrading Hardware and Software

All electronic computing devices need to be upgraded every few years and replace with the latest models. Computers, modems, smartphones, tablets, and routers are all part of an industry where an upgrade in technology happens every few months. The general rule is to replace these products every three or four years as the old products slow down the speed of the internet for websites.

Similarly, an old operating system or software can also slow down the speed of the website. Operating systems like Android, iOS, and Windows need to be up-to-date for web pages to load at a fast speed.

Update the Internet Browser

There are many internet browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari among others. Slow loading of web pages are often linked to an old out of date browser, and updating the browser will help increase the webpage speed. Do a little research about which browser gives the fastest loading speed and choose that browser for accessing your internet. Web pages hosted on GoDaddy load fast.get the godaddy promo code here.

Don’t worry if the website doesn’t load still, it must be a hosting issue. Don’t get surprised, there are down time in most popular hosts too.

Review the Internet Plans

Usually, in any area in a city or a town, there are many internet service providers offering different plans for different speeds. It is a good idea to review and research all the plans to pick the fastest plan at affordable prices. Choosing the best plan with a fast speed will help internet users to load websites faster.

Also, there are many websites available online that test the speed of the internet. By testing the speed of the internet, users can understand if they are getting the speed they are paying for and if there are issues with the speed of the internet.


While using the internet it is important that the systems are protected by a strong antivirus. There are many antivirus packs to choose from online and buying a reputed brand makes sense. Sometimes the speed of the internet slows down considerably if there are viruses in the computing device.

Antivirus protects the computer and builds a firewall against viruses that can damage the computer system. If the speed of loading websites is slow, it is a good idea to run an antivirus scan on the entire system. This will detect the viruses and remove them from the system. This will improve the speed of the internet.

Devices on the Network

Most often these days’ people use Wifi for accessing the internet. A home internet or an office internet plan is used by many computing devices on one Wi-Fi network. As more devices are used on one Wi-Fi connection, the traffic on that connection slows down the speed of the internet.

To increase the speed of loading the websites reducing the number of computing devices plugged into one connection increases the speed of loading the websites.

Clear History

If the internet history is not deleted for many days, it slows down the internet. Temporary internet files keep collecting in the computer systems slowing down the internet.

Clearing cookies cache content and history regularly, remove temporary internet files, making space in the operating system of the computer. This will help in improving the speed of the internet and websites will load faster.


As mentioned above, there are many ways in which one can improve the speed at which websites are loaded on the internet. Today the fast internet is the need of the day. People lead extremely fast-paced lives and need to use a large number of websites daily for work as well as for recreational purposes.

People use websites with video streaming and video calls are common through the internet. Fast internet is needed especially for such websites for uninterrupted feed without any delay because of slow loading websites. The above-mentioned ways are easy options to improve website speeds and use the internet in a faster way.

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