Keep Your Feet Cool (and Warm) with the Wool Cross X Merino Wool Sport Shoes

Last year, European wool products innovator Giesswein disrupted the footwear space with their Merino Runners — sneakers made from Merino wool. Now, the company is topping their own innovation with their newest collection, Wool Cross X.

Within hours of launching their Kickstarter campaign, Giesswein’s Wool Cross X shoes were fully funded and with 24 days remaining, the campaign could surely hit the $1M mark.

So, what makes these shoes so special? These are the most comfortable active outdoor shoes an the first generation of Merino wool multi-sport footwear.

Just like the Merino Runner’s, you’re going to find that your feet can actually breathe. The wool acts as a temperature regulator, which means you’ll stay warm in the cold and you’ll stay sweat-free in the heat, even if you’d like to go sockless. You also don’t have to worry about having any foot odors.

Here’s where the Wool Cross X differ: to work in all conditions, including snow, mud, water, and more, you’ll need an excellent grip. Giesswein’s micro-grip technology and dual compound-sole technology will give you exactly that. The shoes are also water-repellent so you can freely walk through any puddles.

“Working out just got comfortable! Say hello to the Wool Cross X, our temperature-regulating wool sport shoe. We know that when you’re practicing an outdoor sport, the weather can turn on a dime.” says Markus Giesswein, CEO. “That’s why we’ve developed our “knit-and-boil” technology–it yields wool fabrics that keep you (and your feet!) fit and fresh for longer, no matter the temperature.”

Giesswein is a family-run business currently run by their third generation, Markus and Johannes Giesswein. Together, they aim to create unique wool products using only hand-picked qualities according to ethical and ecological standards.

The Wool Cross X are currently available for pre-sale on Kickstarter.


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