Kids Can Use Their Imaginations to Learn STEM Skills with Taco Playbits

We now live in an information-based society dependent on technology. To perform today and the in future ahead, STEM skills are not only beneficial, but critical. This is why it is so important to introduce STEM at a young age.

According to the Office of Innovation and Learning, “early exposure to STEM has positive impacts across the entire spectrum of learning” and the earlier one is introduced to math, they show greater success in both math and reading later in life. In addition to that, kids who are introduced to STEM earlier have a more positive attitude towards it and “do better at problem solving, meeting challenges and acquiring new skills.”

While screens tend to be the go-to for STEM learning for many parents, the negative impacts can outweigh the positive. Parents are looking for new ways to introduce these skills without relying on an iPad. Now, Robotix Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has created Taco Playbits, a tangible coding, screen-free and self-learning STEM toy.

Taco Playbits can help kids around the globe build these critical skills through a more imaginative learning process. With the tap of the Taco Playbits wand on a “tag”, kids can learn numeracy, literacy, coding and more in any language, dialect or accent of their choice. Parents and educators may even upload their own questions for extra challenges. Another unique feature is that it is braille-compatible for those who are blind and visually impaired.

Mr. Ramana Prasad, the chairman of Robotix explains, “Parents will love the way Taco Playbits is a self learning STEM toy that encourages children at their own pace to build their literacy & numeracy skills while engaging them in fun games and challenges.”

Taco Playbits is available for presale now on Indiegogo starting at $59.


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