DO NOT ORDER: Not Delivering – Now Live on Indiegogo: Magtop Pro Brings Magsafe to Apple’s Macbook and All USB-C Devices

Update:  Magtop Pro is now available on Indiegogo. We have been testing out Magtop Pro for the last few weeks and it works as promised.

When Apple brought Magsafe into the picture, I loved it. I no longer had to worry about me or anyone else tripping over the cord and sending my laptop flying off the table. Unfortunately, Apple brought Magsafe to an end and introduced USB-C as its replacement. Many consumers weren’t exactly elated.

If you’re like me and still missing Magsafe, well, you’re in luck. Yesterday a crowdfunding campaign launched on Indeigogo for the Magtop Pro, a sleek and small adapter made to transform your USB-C into a magnetic connection once again.

Magtop’s reversible adapter connects easily to all USB-C devices, not just your MacBook. This includes Google Chromebook, tablets, smartphones and more. It consists of 20 gold-plated pins, with the outer two pairs being power pins and the rest used as data transfer points. This pin set allows Magtop to utilize the full power of the device while supporting up to 20V/5A power (100W), 4K video, audio transmission and 10Gbps data transmission, giving consumers the emerging standard for charging and transferring data.

Magtop will also provide you with a strong magnetic connection and improved magnetic coupling, though the cord will still immediately detach if it is tugged on or tripped over.

Magtop is currently halfway to its funding goal and available at an affordable $27. This price is only available to a limited number of backers, so you might want to get yours quickly!


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