Samsung Galaxy S10 May Arrive with Asymmetrical Bezels: Report

South Korean technology giant Samsung is expected to unveil the Samsung Galaxy S10 flagship device at MWC 2019. There has been no shortage of rumors and unofficial reports from various sources regarding the features and specifications of the upcoming flagship device. Now, a new rumor suggests that the device will arrive with asymmetrical bezels, however, it will feature a larger screen-to-body ratio than its predecessors.

Samsung Galaxy S9
Samsung Galaxy S9

The top bezel of the front panel is said to be thicker than the one at the bottom. The device is likely to arrive with a similar bezel placement to the Galaxy Note 9. The asymmetrical bezels on the front panel are probably due to the placement of components although it is still unclear which component will be responsible for it.

Apart from these rumors, the Samsung Galaxy S10 could become the first smartphone from the company to arrive with an in-display fingerprint sensor. It could also sport a depth-sensing 3D camera setup.  If Samsung manages to implement this technology on the Galaxy S10, then it would be able to deliver better facial recognition capability and also improve the polarizing AR Emoji functionality on its premium flagship devices.

Rumors mill also has it that the Samsung Galaxy S10 will feature a notch-free 3D camera setup which has been designed by Israeli startup company Mantis Vision. Samsung is expected to launch the galaxy S10 by the first quarter of 2019 and it could debut as the first Samsung device to be powered by 7nm chips that are more powerful and also consume less power.

Apart from the Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung is also said to be working on a new smartphone that reportedly features 4 cameras on the rear panel. The device is expected to be launched by the end of this year, as reported by IceUniverse.  Since it will boast 4 cameras on the rear panel, it is likely to be a flagship device with a hefty price tag. No information is currently available regarding the price tag of the device.

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