Save Money and the Environment with BioBidet’s Slim Zero Toilet Seat

BioBidet is redefining the bathroom experience with their newest product, Slim Zero, a non-electric toilet seat with dual-nozzle bidet functionality, a night light, and slow-closing lid.


The idea for Slim Zero came about after BioBidet’s first successful crowdfunding campaign for the Slim Two, which required a nearby plug to function. The team knew they had to create a product that would deliver all of their luxury features without the hassle of having to call a plumber or electrician. Not too long after, Slim Zero was born.

“After the success of our first Kickstarter campaign, America proved that it was ready to move forward towards a cleaner, healthier lifestyle,” said Marketing Director James Amburgey. We wanted to design a product that was for everyone, for every home; Simple, easy to use, with plenty of features.”

Slim Zero offers features such as the two-stage night light, adjustable water pressure, chrome-plated pressure control lever, and dual nozzle spray options all in an easy DIY setup. Owners of the Slim Zero can install the seat in only 15 minutes by simply removing their existing seat, attaching the mounting plate and sliding on the Slim Zero. The bidet function is also easy to set up using BioBidet’s adapter and hose.

BioBidet was founded in 2008 by Jason Han who desired to bring a fusion of Japanese hygiene and Western modernization. In the last 10 years, Han and his team have delivered a variety of luxury bidets in order to revolutionize the bathroom experience while pushing forward with greener technology.

Currently, over 15 million trees are cut down to supply the 36 billion rolls of toilet paper used every year in the US. The Slim Zero offers consumers a more hygienic, environmentally friendly, and affordable option to upgrade their bathroom.

Slim Zero can be pre-ordered on Indiegogo starting at $59.


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