ALLDOCK HybridX is the Universal Wireless Charging Solution for the Technophile

One not-so-great thing about having so many devices between myself and my SO is this constant need for chargers and outlets. Between our phones, smartwatches, tablets, AirPods, and more, we’re always fighting for time to charge. Well, this battle may finally come to an end thanks to Dittrich Design’s ALLDOCK HybridX, a charging solution made for technophiles like ourselves.

The ALLDOCK HybridX is designed to not only charge 5 of your devices simultaneously, but it’s going to get the job done in only 45 minutes. This is done via the 3 amps per port design. Futhermore, if your phone is low and you need to run out the door before you can wait 45 minutes, you can also grab the accessory power bank ‘ALLDOCK To Go.’ Users can charge via USB port or Qi wireless function and can portably recharge compatible devices up to 2 times.

Speaking of compatible, one thing I like most about this charging station is its ability to charge an extremely wide range of devices. In fact, Dittrich Design says the ALLDOCK HybridX is universally compatible. Take a look at all of the devices you can charge in the image below. You’ve got everything from your smartwatches, laptops, cameras and headphones to the Apple Pencil, gaming controllers and more.

There is an array of charging stations available these days, but the ALLDOCK HybridX is one of the more attractive ones I’ve seen. Backers have the choice between a crisp white, a sleek black or their “high-end” model, which comes in a solid anodized silver aluminum shell and polished black top. No matter what color you choose, it’ll fit into your home seamlessly.

If you’re like me and could really use some organization in your device-filled life, you should check out the Indiegogo page where ALLDOCK HybridX is available for pre-order. Grab it for a super early bird price now before they’re gone!


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