Battlefield V Weapons, Vehicles and Gears Get Listed by EA Dice

The developer of the upcoming first-person shooter game Battlefield V has listed the weapons, vehicles, and gears that will be available to the players once the game is officially released. EA DICE has revealed the complete list of ammunitions and gears well in advance of the game’s release probably to continue the hype surrounding Battlefield V.

Coming to the details shared by the developer, Battlefield V will feature thirty new weapons that will comprise nearly the half of all the ammunition available. The list includes three assault rifles, five semi-automatic rifles, four bolt-action rifles, three self-loading rifles, seven submachine weapons, four mild machine weapons, two medium machine weapons, and two shotguns.

Apart from this list of ammunitions, Battlefield V also features seven sidearms and nine melee weapons that the players can try out like pickaxes, cricket bats and the Webley Revolver. The players will also get the option to choose from sixteen more gadgets that includes flare guns and sticky dynamite, along with seven types of reinforcements like heavy tanks and rocket strikes and five additional towable or stationary weapons like anti-tank and anti-aircraft guns.

EA DICE has also provided the option to customize weapons as per the choice of the players in Battlefield V. The customizations include specializations which can improve various aspects like damage, accuracy, hip fire and controls among others. The developer also notes that these specializations will in no way provide an unfair advantage to the gamers.

Players in Battlefield V will also be able to ride, man or fly as many as twenty-four different vehicles which include tanks, airplanes and transport vehicles. Overall the game features a huge list of ammunition and vehicles that will help the players to get more engaged in fighting with their enemies.

Battlefield V is set to release on November 20 on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4. Players can also get early access to the game starting November 9 with Origin Access for PC users and EA Access for Xbox One.

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