Battlefield V PS4, Xbox One and PC Preload Date and Time Announced

World War 2 based shooter game Battlefield V is all set to release on November 20. Now with just a couple of weeks to go, EA Dice, the developer of the game has announced the preload date and times for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. You can now start playing Battlefield V based on the console you are using. The game has various tiers of release dates based on the game edition and the platform. Dice has announced the complete details of all the game edition and for all the platforms. In addition, the developer has also announced the Battlefield main game download and day one update game sizes.

As per the details shared by EA Dice on its Reddit page, the PS4 preload time and date for the deluxe edition in Asia is 4 pm UTC on November 12, while it is 4 pm UTC on November 17 for the standard edition. For Japan, the preload times are one hour earlier than Asia on the same dates. For the US, the preload time for Battlefield V deluxe edition is 5 am UTC November 8 and for the standard edition, it is 5 am UTC on November 13. For Europe, the preload time for the deluxe edition is 12 am UTC, November 13 and for the standard edition it is, 12 am UTC, November 18.

The preload time and date for PC (all versions of the game) is 1 pm UTC on November 7. As for the Xbox One, all versions of Battlefield V are currently available since 8 am UTC on October 19. Apart from the preload dates and time, EA Dice has also announced the full Battlefield V main game download and update sizes. For PC, it is 44GB, for PS4 it is 43GB while for the Xbox One, the download size is 39.9GB.

Battlefield V will officially release on November 20 on all gaming platforms namely, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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