Sony PlayStation 4 Pro Gets a New Updated Model that is Quieter Than the Original

It has been two years since the launch of the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro and now Sony has launched a new updated version that is quieter than the original. The new PlayStation 4 Pro with model number CUH-7200 is significantly quieter than the original which is reported to sometimes reach jet engine decibel levels. The new variant has been launched silently by Sony without much fanfare.

The Sony PlayStation 4 Pro is a powerful gaming console without a doubt but it comes with a lot of noise. A recent review by Eurogamer reveals that the new CUH-7200 model by Sony recorded 48 decibels at its loudest compared to the original model which reached a peak level of 55 decibels. The previous CUH-7100 model reached a peak noise level of 50 decibels. However, the new CUH-7200 model of Sony PlayStation 4 Pro will run hotter than the previous models with the original one being the coolest of all. This indicates that Sony may have removed some of the cooling accessories from the new model to make it quieter than before.

Apart from these features, the new CUH-7200 model does not come with too many updates from the original. The key change to the gaming console includes a new power adapter. While the first PS 4 Pro model featured a cable that Sony first used on the PS3, the new CUH-7200 model of the PlayStation 4 Pro uses a figure eight adapter like the one used on Xbox One X, Xbox One S and PS4 Slim.

It is worth mentioning that the new model of the PS4 Pro has been spotted in the wild, bundled with the Red Dead Redemption 2. The gaming console is expected to hit the market in the coming days but there has been no official confirmation of the same by Sony so far.

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