BlizzCon 2018: Diablo Immortal for Android and iOS Announced

Diablo Immortal is going to arrive on Android and iOS devices as announced by Blizzard, the developer of Diablo series at Blizzcon 2018. Notably, this is the first time a Diablo game is being rolled out to mobile phones. Diablo Immortal is being developed by Blizzard in collaboration with NetEase, the studio that develops another popular game, Rules of Survival. In the Diablo series, Diablo Immortal is placed between Diablo 2 and Diablo 3. While the game is all set to make its debut on the mobile platform, Wyatt Cheng, Principal Design Chief of Diablo Immortals has confirmed that the game will not be available on PC soon.

It is also unlikely that the game will be released on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch platforms sometime soon. As of now, the release date of the game has not been announced, although Blizzard has claimed that it would be coming soon with a beta release on its way in the coming days.

The gameplay of Diablo Immortals looks similar to Arena of Valor with the use of virtual buttons. In terms of visuals, it is at par with Diablo 3. Diablo Immortal price has not been announced yet, but it is likely that the game will be free to play as most of the games developed by NetEase has been free-to-play till date. However, the game may include micro-transactions for in-game weapons and other stuff.

Interestingly, it appears that Diablo Immortal focuses on player choice and gives importance to drop-in and drop-out gameplay. In the trailer of the game, released at BlizzCon, familiar classes like monk, demon hunter, and necromancer were present. Also, Diablo’s mobile debut was on the cards since the Nintendo Switch was able to run Diablo 3 quite well. However, it is a bit disappointing to hear that Diablo Immortal will not be available on PC or any of the other gaming platforms anytime soon. So for now, the gamers will have to enjoy playing the game on their smartphones.

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