Find Your Next Favorite Podcast with Listen Notes

Everyone knows that podcast discovery tools have been lacking for years, despite the fact that the industry is booming. There are now over 600,000 podcasts in the world and over 73 million listeners with no signs of slowing down.

Fortunately, new apps have emerged to solve the problem and more recently, Pandora announced that their Podcast Genome project has gone into beta. For those already using Pandora for music, that’s great news, but what if you don’t want to switch over from your favorite podcast player? There’s still one solution and it’s called Listen Notes.

Listen Notes is a standalone podcast search engine that launched in 2017. It lets you browse through the entire internet of podcasts using anything from keywords to names and topics and you don’t have to subscribe to an entire podcast. Instead, you can save podcast episodes to your own curated list and then bring that listen into your favorite podcast player app via RSS.

While Listen Notes is ideal for finding your next favorite podcast, it’s also useful for other research-related tasks. If you’re a student or journalist looking to conduct research on a person or topic, Listen Notes will locate all of the related episodes. Podcasters are also using Listen Notes to find cross promotion opportunities.

“I often have people on my podcast, and to prepare I need to do research. Part of that research is listening to other podcasts they’ve been on. [Listen Notes] is the best place for me to just search for these people by name. Google search also works, but their results aren’t as good as yours, because they’re formatted as websites rather than podcast episodes.” from Indie Hackers founder and podcaster Courtland Allen.

There’s bound to be plenty more apps to hit the market in the next year, but if you want to keep your podcast search simple and effective, try Listen Notes.

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