Strategies for Quick WoW Gold Making

No matter what class you are, WoW Gold is a necessity. From buying equipment from the Auction House to various NPC transactions, it’s something nobody can afford to be without. So what should you do if there’s something you need and you don’t have enough to buy it? Well, take your pick and learn how to play the system. Earn the gold you need through these unconventional methods.

Manipulating the Stacks

Most crafters need a specific amount of a material or ingredient. They won’t buy more than they need, so they’ll look for stacks of that thing close to the number they need. So what you can do is buy up little stacks of an ingredient, combine them, and resell that bigger stack at a slightly higher price. Others will buy your stack simply because it’s in the amount they need, not minding that it’s actually more expensive than buying many smaller stacks.

It could happen in the other direction too, usually for something like potions. Players who need one or two potions won’t buy stacks of 10 or more. They’ll buy them in ones or twos even if they cost a bit more.

Sell Crafted Gear

In choosing profitable professions, the crafting ones are better than gathering ones. You can check what’s selling in the AH and get in on that action. You don’t even have to be at a high or max level to progress your profession. A level 1 character can be a high-leveled leatherworker or blacksmith. If you have alts, you can use even them to boost your production.

Crafted equipment are pretty costly to make, though they can sell for ridiculous amounts with the right circumstances. Those are around when a patch or expansion goes live, usually. Imagine selling your crafted gear for 30,000 to 40,000 per piece. You’ll fill your savings in a wink.

Gathering Expulsom for Crafting

Expulsom is a crafting reagent crafter professions use. Players obtain it by scrapping items, though not always. Still, because of that randomness, it’s rather easy to price high items that were crafted with it. It relates to the above tip, as the reagent allows the crafting of level 120 weapons and armor. As previously noted, player-made equipment sells considerably high. What’s even better is having a special effect procced into the gear, because it boosts the item’s value.

In Conclusion

So these are three simple ways to make insane amounts of World of Warcraft gold. If you really want to get into it, it would be best if you study and familiarize yourself with economics terms and patterns. The economy of the game has many intricate parts that work together, and studying can let you see what you can exploit in the market. It’s going to take some time, but it’ll be worth it in the end.

Also, these three ways aren’t the only ways that can get you rolling in dough. There are many other ways and things you can exploit to earn gold. Get grinding! Time is money, and gold doesn’t just fall into your pocket by reading this article. Continue enjoying World of Warcraft

Summary: Manipulating item stacks, selling crafting gear, and gathering expulsom for crafting are three of the ways you can earn WoW gold fast. There could be other ways, but these three are the simplest and easiest to understand.

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