Undertale Creator Releases New Free Game Titled Deltarune for PC and Mac

Toby Fox, the creator of popular indie game Undertale, has released a new free-to-play game as a Halloween treat. Titled Deltarune, this game is now available on its official website and can be downloaded on Windows PC and Mac devices. It is free to play and the gamers will not need to register either to play the game.

Toby Fox took to Twitter yesterday to tease the game. On his official Twitter handle, he said “For those who completed Undertale, it’s really important that you check [the Undertale Twitter account] 24 hours from now,” Fox said. “I want to make something new, and it all begins with your feedback.”

As per the teaser, Deltarune may have a close resemblance to Undertale or may also share a common connection with the latter. We say so because Deltarune is an anagram of Undertale and it might have similar features or aspects to the original game. Notably, Undertale is a chock full of secrets and mysteries, some of which may still remain unknown. The fan community of Undertale has helped to uncover a lot of these mysteries and now Deltarune may help the cause further if it does have a close resemblance to the former.

Undertale is a role-playing game developed by Fox which focuses on a child who has fallen into the Underground, which is a secluded place underneath the surface of the earth. The players need to take control of this child in the game in order to guide him back to the surface of the earth. In the course of the game, the child encounters monsters and the players can opt to pacify them with combat tactics to spare them if they do not want to kill them.

The game was recently released on Nintendo Switch after making its way to PS4 and PC earlier. It became a critical hit among the gamers especially due to the unique combat missions and the wide variety of options available to tackle the enemies.

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