Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Adds Two New Characters

The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Roster has added two new characters to the game. During the final Smash Bros. Direct presentation. Nintendo introduced two new characters to the base roster which include Ken from Street Fighter and Incineroar from Pokemon. However, these two are not going to be the last two characters to be added because Pirhana Plant will be introduced as a pre-order bonus with five due to be added later as a part of DLC.

Ken is an Echo fighter of its rival, Ryu who was Street Fighter’s previous representative in the Smash series. Ken’s appearance in the Ultimate is based on his appearance in Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo. Notably, he is faster than his rival Ryu and also has some other differences like a different shaped Hadoken.

The other character introduced by the name of Incineroar , is one of the starter Pokemon in the latest installment of the series called Sun and Moon. Incineroar’s finishing moves are inspired by pro wrestling. It has powerful throws and poses like a wrestler after every move. Its neutral Smash attack is Darkest Lariat, while its Final Smash is Max Malicious Moonsault.

With the addition of Ken and Incineroar, the Super Smash Bros, roster currently has 74 playable characters. Along with all the fighters who have ever appeared in any installment of the game, the roster has also introduced a number of new characters like Ridley from Metroid, Simon and Richter Belmont from the Castlevania series, and Animal Crossing’s Isabelle.

Smash Bros. Ultimate is scheduled to release on Nintendo on December 7. Nintendo is also releasing a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Switch bundle a month before the actual launch of the game. The bundle is set for release, today, November 2 and it will bring a Smash themed switch dock and a set of Joy-Con controllers. It will also bring a digital copy of the game although it won’t be unlockable until the game is released on December 7.

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