Google Launches Easy Toggle For Online Shopping

Till today you might have noticed the rich snippet of Google search where some products from different retailers are have been being displayed for any specific search. Now with an update, it shows deals and the other offering also. In order to keep online shopping effortless, it has expanded the search result for shopping anything. Users can filter products, offers, prices and sometimes reviews as well though we still can’t compare the shopping features of two different retailers. This new experience has added to three different forms. The first one is the “shopping” tab on the Google search and on the Google lens app and with a new shopping homepage as well.

The homepage of shopping is fully loaded with some features, using which you can easily check the products in different categories and compare the prices of the products among numerous retailers. You can set an alert for the price drop on the homepage for a particular product as well.

Google has expanded the whole online shopping empire by reaching Merchant center support in English and Hindi as well. Merchants can list their products and websites. Without paying for an ad campaign, now merchants can easily appear on Google and in the shopping recommendation result too. According to Google millions of people are coming to the internet and in order to cater them properly, this feature was one of the most anticipated features. It will push the hyperlocal and small and medium enterprises to increases online visibility and will ultimately help them getting potential leads for their businesses.

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