Microsoft To Rebuild Edge Browser on Chromium Platform

Microsoft killed Microsoft Explorer and gave birth to a new browser, Microsft Edge. It has been more than four years when Edge became the one and only official browser of Microsoft but it’s time to kill it too. As the days pass on new developments come and old things got cut down from the trend.

Microsoft Edge is getting the almost same fate of Explorer browser though the name “Edge” can continue in the further developed versions. Microsft aims to develop the new browser on the Chromium platform.

Let’s find out the basic difference that is going to take place after the development of this new browser. Technically, the Edge browser runs on HTML engine and the upcoming version aka Anaheim will be based on V8 Javascript engine while it will simultaneously use the blink rendering engine as well.

Basically, Chromium is an open-source platform developed by Google. Now Microsoft is aiming to rebuild its browser based on that because gradually Microsoft’s Edge is getting lower hand compared to the other browsers like Google Chrome.

Microsft has taken the decision once users have reported various compatibility issues with many websites even after several updates and fixes! Nowadays many website building platforms are optimizing their things to work properly on Google Chrome which ultimately results in poor compatibility with the Edge browser. By switching to the Chromium platform Microsft wants to give its browser a leverage.

As of now, Microsft Edge is not going to be obsolete and it will continue with the new one for a few months. The same brand name will carry but the whole outlook and design will be changed. Though there’s no solid source that can reveal the probable date of release of the Microsft Edge on Chromium platform.

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