Qualcomm Unveiled Snapdragon 855 SOC with improved AI & Depth Sensor

Qualcomm has unveiled its latest chip, Snapdragon 855 which is touted as the most advanced chipset till now. There was a rumor that this chip would be called Snapdragon 8150 but the rumor got busted and Qualcomm has maintained it lineage by naming it 855. It’s the successor of 845. According to the tests, we will experience a noticeable increase in overall performance in this SOC if we go on comparing it with the earlier one, Snapdragon 845.

Let’s have a check on the parameters that are going to take a big leap with this new chip. It sports a 7 nm chip that yields better battery backup and improved AI performance. Officially it’s declared that AI performance will be about 3X improved compared to the last one.

A good news for the ardent fans of augmented reality. The 7nm chip aka Snapdragon 855 houses a dedicated vision processor which can take depth mapping at 60 frames per second. Not only that, it allows you to take 4K HDR video recordings at 60 frames per second! But it processes all of these above at 25% less power usage!

Snapdragon 855 supports new ultrasonic in display fingerprint technology aka Qualcomm 3D Sonic Sensor. The interesting part of this newly invented technology is it can read your fingerprints even if your hand is wet or if the screen gets dusty anyway.

But the last part that made is more famous is the new X50 modem that it’s going to put in every Snapdragon 855. It a technology that supports 5G though it’s framed with x24 LTE modem also that supports a theoretical dpeed up to 2 GBPS! Samsung’s new Galaxy S10 flagship is going to be launched with this chip.

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