Google Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL Memory Management Issue To Be Fixed Via OTA Update Soon

Google’s own brands’ Pixel and Nexus phones have been in tech talks for memory management issues. Recently Pixel 3 came under lens when users reported unexpected shutting down of the apps while multiple apps are running at a time. Everyone pointed fingers at the aggressive RAM management algorithm of the phone and many forums got overloaded with thousands of comments, it was expected to happen because the series comes under premium segment and this kind of issues may mislead the whole crowd towards something else especially when Pixel series is brought to fight Apple’s devices in the market.

On the official site, it’s reported that in the December’s update it will get total 13 functional patches that cover memory management, camera functionalities etc. The update will hit Pixel 3 and Pixel 2 first and then gradually will be rolled out for other phones as well.

On the developer’s forum, Google has officially updated about the upcoming OTA with a factory image. A line in the update has raised a lot of eyebrows. That’s “improved memory performance in certain circumstances” which indicates that the issues will not be fixed completely in the upcoming update, you may receive several updates in a few months again.

Updates in the camera section: We are expecting the fixes on camera shutter performance and autofocus while capturing moments.

Update in the USB and Bluetooth section: We have been experiencing an unexpected issue while connecting accessories like boom box etc through USB and Bluetooth. Sometimes Bluetooth fails to detect the accessories. These issues may be fixed with the update.

You can check whether your device is to get the update just by tapping on the “system update” option available under “Settings”. We recommend getting a backup of your data before doing the update installed on your device. During the update, you may lose some data, so take the precaution properly.

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