SmartCup is using “sparging” to prepare your coffee, tea and baby formula

As a new parent, you know how hard it can be to brew yourself even a simple cup of coffee or tea. If you haven’t invested in any smart brewing devices to make your life a little bit easier, you’re going to want to check out SmartCup. This device will brew your coffee, tea and even prep the water for your baby formula in just one tap.

However, it isn’t just what SmartCup can prepare that makes it so appealing. SmartCup is using a new method of brewing called “sparging.” You may have heard this word in the beer brewing process or perhaps as the chemical process where a chemically inert gas is bubbled through liquid, but SmartCup is adding its own use to the dictionary.

This is how it works: SmartCup is made of up the cup, a cooling unit, a capsule and base. All of its core technology is in the handle and in the cooling unit where the compressor is located. It’s then SmartCup’s unique brewing method comes into play. “the compressor in the cooling unit opens up the valve after the water has reached a particular temperature for brewing. When the valve is open, the water fills the capsule with tea or coffee, and starts the brewing process. After some time the compressor sprays a stream of air into the capsule, that way pressing out the water out of it (like french press but with air and without your participation). This process repeats several times according to the strengths settings,” says CEO Giorgi Chiteishvili.

Sparging is a brilliant new method to implement into the brewing process because it takes much less time than say, the french press or aeropress, and it is ideal for gourmet types of coffee. You won’t find any unnecessary flavoring like you get from other methods like drip machines. SmartCup’s app also makes the process as simple as it gets. Users can easily choose between the light, medium or strong brew and for tea, users may also choose from virtually any variety — SmartCup knows the ideal temps and it’ll keep it at that temp until you’re ready to enjoy.

For parents, not only can you get that much needed cup of coffee or tea faster, but this also goes for baby formula. With SmartCup, water is precisely boiled and then cooled to the correct temperatures. All you have to do is mix in the formula and you’re set.

“We came up with the idea when me and my wife, Lile, became parents. It is absolutely normal that parenting requires a lot of time, but we thought there must be an easier way to prepare baby formula than the old fashioned way. When we came up with the idea, we shared it with our friend who is also an engineer. He was also fascinated. That’s how the development process started. ”

SmartCup is available now on Kickstarter. After the campaign ends, SmartCup’s team plans to deliver the device to their backers and prepare for mass production and retail. They also plan to continue to expand the collection of coffees and teas within the app.


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