World Golf Tour and Phigolf introduce the most affordable, portable and realistic golfing simulator to come to market

This month, World Golf Tour and Phigolf have introduced Phigolf WGT Edition, the world’s most realistic and affordable at-home experience to come to golfing.

Phigolf WGT Edition combines WGT’s #1 free online golf game with Phigolf’s state-of-the-art golf club sensor simulator system. That means golfers everywhere will have the ability to virtually experience and practice their favorite sport at famous golf courses around the world such as Chambers Bay, Pebble Beach, St. Andrews and more. WGT and Phigolf’s goal is to bring an authentic experience both in how golf looks and how golf is played.

This new combined edition is also portable and requires very little space to play. Golfer’s can swing from the comfort of their living room, office, or at a hotel room when on holiday. They also have the option of attaching the sensor onto their own club to get more realistic practice anytime they can’t make it to the course. Furthermore, Phigolf WGT Edition isn’t just for the solo player. It offers the gamified experience WGT currently offers. Anyone can play against others online or play against friends and family. Players may also compete in tournaments which earns them coins and experience points.

“Similar golf simulator systems can cost thousands of dollars. Phigolf WGT Edition Mobile Golf Simulator wants to change that! All passionate golfers should have access to realistic golf regardless of weather or location. Never worry about that upcoming snow storm or that unbearable heat wave again,” the team states on the crowdfunding page.  

Phigolf WGT Edition is available now on Kickstarter. All backers will receive the Phigolf WGT edition device, PhiStick simulated golf club, WGT all-course pack 6-month subscription, the Wolf Creek golf course free for life, WGT credit and coin pack and the Phigolf Original Simulator App All-Course free for life.

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