Android Pie Update Brings Dolby Atoms To Samsung S8 & Note 8

A new update of Android Pie is bringing Dolby Atom feature on its flagship-class devices- Galaxy S8 and Note 8. It enhances the stereo output of the devices to some extents. Via OTA update, this update is to come in these two devices through a few devices have already received also.

Let us get the catch. These two devices don’t have stereo speakers so that only way we can enjoy the Dolby atom feature is to plug in the headset into the ears! We can use Bluetooth speakers otherwise if we want to enjoy it in a group.

Do you know what’s the biggest benefit of having a Dolby class stereo output? It enhances overall volume output and better separation between left and right channels. Into the deep, you can select your suitable option from Movie, Music, and Voice. If you are a little bit confused which one to select then leave it on auto mode for the best output.

Now, the point comes how to access the Dolby option after getting the update. The first point is to get the Bluetooth speaker or headphone connected to the device. Double dragging the status bar unleash the quick toggle to enable Dolby Atom. You can customize the settings of sound and vibration.

if you have not received any update yet, kindly check manually from the update option that houses into the main settings option.

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