Huawei to Block all Third party Launchers in New EMUI update

Huawei has taken a bold decision and we are not sure what the future of this decision will be. The company has decided to block all the third party Android launchers in its devices with the new firmware update of EMUI 9.

There are mixed reactions among the users. Actually, an interesting study revealed that maximum of Huawei device users prefer the EMUI over other launchers so the decision is not to make the EMUI alive. The company has clearly stated that the decision is solely for the security of the users, nothing else.

A number of disturbances are reported in the devices with third-party launchers are installed and some significant RAM usage that ultimately slows down the system. Users have reported system slow down and some other things.

After a detailed research, Huawei has come to a conclusion to block all the third party Android launchers on its devices and probably that’s why it’s to come up with an update of EMUI to the latest version EMUI 9.

Huawei has clearly told that decision that it will not compromise with anything that’s harmful for its users and officially they have confirmed that some developers add bloatware and even adware that put users in insecurity and eats out more processing power and sometimes slows the device down.

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