Huawei Y9 Launched in India

Huawei’s one of the most anticipated devices Huawei Y9 has been launched in India. We have predicted that the device will come into India market in January but couldn’t think that the launch would make an entry in just a week later! It was an almost sure news that the device would make its debut in the market as a mid-range device and as expected the actual picture turned out to be same.

The first thing that has caught our eyes is the traditional Huawei notch, the best part of this notch is the feature is fully customizable and you can easily turn off the notch feature just like all the other Huawei devices. So all the notch lovers and all those who don’t prefer notch, you both can enjoy the device as per your choice. The display if counted corner to corner has a full HD 6.5-inch screen.

The device is powered by a powerful 710 Kirin processor that delivers optimum speed and reliability during multitasking. Apart from this, the device features 16 MP rear and 13 MP front-facing camera for decent moment captures even during low light because the rear camera comes along with a flash while the front camera has its own ability to remove the noise through its screen flash! Well, not bad at all!

The price is set at a competitive┬álevel though we feel it could be a bit lower to beat out the competitors at this range. In India, it’s available at Rs. 15,990 while you can get a Boat rocker headphone that’s actually a Bluetooth headphone at completely free of cost!

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