Ireland Asked Clarification on Merger of Facebook, WhatsApp & Instagram

EU has been very tough for the rules on internet privacy and Ireland online watchdog agency has asked more information from Facebook for the possible integration of WhatsApp, Messenger app of Facebook and image sharing app Instagram. It’s already in motion to halt the program if further information about this merger isn’t provided.

Integration of these apps means 100% sharing of users’ data and behavior throughout the system seamlessly and it will provide the company more accurate picture of every user on any of these platforms. Many users use these three platforms simultaneously. There’s no information on how this information will be shared between the apps and how the information gathered will be used by the company for its marketing by protecting the online privacy of the users as well.

Another part is the security; Facebook has to provide the details of how it’s planning to protect the users’ security when the data of the users will be shared throughout the integrated system. The company has to follow the GDPR guideline before it starts targeting users to remarketing purposes. The whole idea is to suppress Google and Amazon in the number of users and the ways to target users for internet marketing. This way Facebook wants to provide its advertisers with a common platform for almost all kind of social media marketing. Though Facebook has the maximum number of active users, WhatsApp and Instagram aren’t lagging much behind in terms of users’ engagement as well. Even sometimes WhatsApp suppresses Facebook in chats per user! Integrating these three social media platform will make a completely new platform for online advertisers but Ireland and the entire EU wants proper clarification on it before implementation.

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