Mi Foldable Device in Making! Video Leaked Online

Xiaomi is known for bringing best features at the budget price. That’s why it’s considered one of the best brands for subrange consumers. It provides the best value for money for the users. For an example, it has included flagship class Snapdragon 845 processor while some devices having value more than $500 sports the same processor and Mi Poco F1 is providing the same at almost half price!

Well, that was the explanation of the market strategy┬áit has opted. Now coming to the point, why the whole tech has leaned towards Xiaomi suddenly after online leakster Evan Blass twitted a formidable design for a Mi device online. Well, he’s not also sure about it whether it’s something that’s coming up or a simple prototype of a future device!

In the video, we have noticed that the device has an aspect ratio of around 4:3 and suddenly after a while, the person pushed the left and right both wings behind and had made the device something with an aspect ratio of 16:9.

While everyone is assuming if the hardware is from Xiaomi or not, we have noticed a Mi app like an app on the second page while sliding and the whole background seems to be an MIUI 10 wallpaper which is probably rotated at 90 degree due to the tablet size.

Check it out and let us know your thoughts on it. We are quite sure that it’s a Xiaomi device under a prototype pilot test among the internal testers in the company.

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