Moto Z3 To Get Moto Mod Support For 5G

Moto Z3 is to get the Mod support for 5G very soon. Motorola is now a Verizon company and it may the first flagship class device from this duo since the brand went under Verizon. Motorola has been being transferred from one hand to another in few years. Probably in 2015, it was acquired by Google and then after two years it was sold to Lenovo. After that Lenovo transferred the brand to Verizon.

Moto Z3 will get 5G Mod support and an update to Android Pie as well though it was launched with Android oreo (8.1) Verizon has confirmed that it will receive the latest update of Android Pie. Apart from that, the sensational update is that it will get 5G support and update through OTA will manage to get it on our Moto Z3 devices.

Moto Mods helps every device run on this to get 5G support through software update and without any need to get hardware update at all. There’s a rumor that’s fuming around the market that Samsung will put 5G support in its upcoming S10 device through the same process- OTA update after the release! Well, that’s a piece of totally unconfirmed news till now.

Some Moto Z3 has been updated to Android Pie, getting an update through air depends on time and the batch your device is in. In this, you will get a navigation gesture with adaptive brightness and some sort of changes in the UI. If you also have a device, pls check for OTA update by going through the array- Settings > System > System updates

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