PUBG Added Vikendi Night Mode With a Patch Update

We don’t need any introduction to this widely famous mobile game anymore. Last year, it has won the title of the best mobile game on Android also! Gaming world might not experience a steep graph of the popularity of any game in just a year! A few weeks ago, in the last week of December, it has added a new map, we better can say an arctic or snow map aka Vikendi for the users.

Gamers are playing a hell lot of sessions on it and probably left nothing to explore on it as the map is not that big also. Still, PUBG holds the catch on for the gamers with a new thrill. It’s going to add a patch that will come with an update and users will be able to play the first night-mode map on PUBG. The map will be as same as Vikendi though it will get a new look with night-mode!

All of us are known about the fact that Vikendi is an arctic mao, hence at night, we will be able to see the aurora also! Damn! isn’t it? But we may need to push the graphics settings to the highest throttle to enjoy the ultimate graphics experiences. Apart from this, some snowmobile tracks are also visible in all around of Vikendi, it may be for a future upgrade to snowmobiles and all. Well, we don’t want you to miss something. The night mode vikendi is officially called moonlight mode!

Vikendi added many real-life things like getting more slippery along the track while having snow on the road and excessive acceleration on icy terrains.  This enhances gameplay overall. The moonlight mode will be a difficult one and for sure it will take tests of expert players as well.

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