Meizu Zero Features No Physical Buttons & Cutouts!

Meizu Zero is coming to give Vivo a tough competition in near future. After a long hibernation, Meizu has started its stepping into the market with some never seen features in smartphones. The device which is dubbed as Meizu Zero comes with no physical button including the volume rockers and even grill cutouts for speakers as well! This is the first shock as we are used to these two features in almost every phone. Now, let me wrap it up with another aftershock, it has no USB connector and power connector also!

The device features a 5.99 inched AMOLED touch capacitive panels on the screen which has an on-screen fingerprint sensor and just at the side, it houses a pressure sensitive unit that works as a volume rocker instead of conventional buttons and of course it supports wireless charging only as it does not have any charging port at all.

You may be thinking how we will enjoy speakers! Right beneath the display, it sports a piezoelectric transducer that works like a speaker. Under the hood, it’s supported by Snapdragon 845 with 4 GB RAM!

Without data cable connection, data transfers can be done through Wi-Fi only. For charging Meizu has developed an 18W charging facility which is considered as the fastest charging device wirelessly.

Let us reveal another astonishing fact of this device. Just like iPhones, it uses eSIM instead of any physical SIM slot! Well, it has almost removed all protruding attachments.

On the camera front, it features a dual setup camera of 12 MP plus 20 MP consisting Sony IMX 380 and IMX 350 AI sensors and a 20 MP cam on the front side as well.

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