Samsung to Launch “M” Series in India in January

Samsung India has planned for its upcoming strategy to capture the budget smartphone market with its new line of the smartphone called Samsung M series. Till now, it has been a rumor that Samsung would release some budget smartphone especially to counter the stiff competition from Xiaomi in the entry-level budget smartphone range but with the official confirmation of releasing some phones under the umbrella of a new series “M” the rumor comes true and we are eagerly looking for the release of these phones and to experience how Samsung can provide an impact on the phone market and we need to need a few weeks to see whether Samsung can dethrone current market leader Xiaomi or not in India.

India has been a price sensitive market and to get the big chunk of profit from it, Chinese manufacturers like Xiaomi, Huawei and other players like Oppo have been in device launching spree in last few months. Now with the entry of Samsung, the competition will be better and consumers will be the benefitted after all.

Let’s see how Samsung has planned its strategy to hit the leader on board. Till now, what we have been reported indicate that the Korean giant will launch three phones under this “M” series having a price tag starting from sub 10k range to 20k. We have been leaned towards Chinese smartphones in the last few years because of the features and specs they provided in such a competitive price and right now, we don’t think that there will be a big portion of consumer who will go for buying Samsung phones just for the brand value and Samsung also has understood the point, probably that’s why for the first time it’s coming with bigger battery and a well designed device sporting good display and camera along with a decent processor. Though there has not been any update about these we are expecting Snapdragon 660 in these devices. Stay tuned.

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