Samsung Foldable Device to Feature Twin 2200 mAh Batteries

After a long time, Samsung has been in the news for something big, for a few months Chinese companies like Xiaomi, Oppo and Huawei have been storming in the market and with a new futuristic device, now Samsung is getting some spotlight. The news about the foldable smartphone of Samsung isn’t a new thing at all. Last year.

It has shared a device like that and it was a prototype device and the whole world had gone crazy for that. Some fresh updates have indicated something crazy and we are going to share those with you.

We have been following every new update since Samsung introduced its idea for a foldable device and recently we got something interesting cooking inside the house. First of all, the device may sport two batteries instead of one and each one of these will carry 2200 mAh charge, so in total these will carry 4400 mAh charge in the box though last year Samsung announced that the device would carry A battery of 6400 mAh+.

On the other front, the device will house big flash storage which will be more or less 512 GB onboard to use while it will have another version of 1 TB. Both the variants will be coupled with 12 GB RAM and trust me it’s massive and more than enough for multitasking. Probably that’s why; the company has claimed that the device will easily run three apps at a time without any sign of getting lagged.

The device may be released in October 2019 but the new leak clearly indicated that fact that the foldable which has been named as Samsung S will carry 4400 mAh battery instead of 6400 mAh.

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