Samsung To Roll Out Android Pie Beta on Galaxy Note 9

All Galaxy Note 9 users! May I have your attention, please? A piece of good news has hit the market. Samsung will start rolling out Android Pie beta update on all Galaxy Note 9 devices at a few batches one by one from January 15th. You will not get any stock Android option, everything will be on the layer of its own One UI.

Apart from the official update, it will come with some further bug fixed. All these will start from January 15th of this year.

Let’s have a look at the fixes that will come with it. There are some gestures and options which did not work on Galaxy Note 9 but it seems that with this new update, this will start working fine.

Firstly, the touch button at the home was not working for collapsing all apps at once but now Samsung confirmed that it would work as it does on all the other devices of it. There was another big that hurt a lot especially when we start playing motion images through the built-in gallery app.

Secondly. I want to mention a thing that really made me truly disgusted. It was the irresponsive part on the right bottom screen. But don’t worry, it will start working like charm and it will not cause you shifting the device in the autorotate mode anymore.

Samsung is rolling out the update in Germany right now and hopefully, it will start rolling the same, a 123 MB package that leads you to the ultimate Android Pie beta experience soon in India along with South Korea expected from 15th January. If you are unsatisfied with the security patches provided by Samsung, then hold your fingers crossed as this update will bring January patch update of Android along with itself. Check the software version before installation, if it’s N960FXXU2ZRLT then you are ready to go!

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