Moto G7 To Feature a Waterdrop Notch

Motorola has geared up for recapturing its old glory in this year and it’s expected to launch a number of devices soon, maybe in late January. Moto G7 is one of those devices which Motorola is making bet on. Lenovo has slowed down its own brand production while making a surge in the production of Motorola devices.

A rumor has been in the air for many days, that’s Moto G7 will feature a water drop or dewdrop notch. Recently another update has hit the market where a slightly modified dew drop notch is seen.

This year. Mobile World Congress will be held on 25th February, in Barcelona, Spain for three days and we all are expecting this device to be launched there as it’s considered as one of the biggest platforms for launching new devices.

There are three devices that are going to rock the stage for Motorola. These are Moto G7, G7 Play, and G7 Power. These devices will come with 3.5 mm audio jack and a water drop notch with a slight difference in dimension.

At first, the Moto G7 was out of the list of having notch but right now, some updates from the core groups of leaksters suggest that Moto G7 will also feature a similar water drop notch.

We need to keep patience for a month, probably within these days some more leaks will come out and will confirm the feature whether it has been an integral of part of the designs of Moto G7 series along with G7 play and G7 Power or not.

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