TPBMirror: A great way to download the torrents

The Pirate Bay, or more popularly known as the TPB was a famous torrent website that ruled the internet for many years. And although now the website has been banned in many countries, the users who are looking forward to downloadhigh-quality videos and movies often look for the alternativesof the once famous TPB.

TPB content

As said, the TPB was a great website for searching the high-quality torrents, and these torrents can literally refer to almost any field or genre you can ever think of, whether you are searching for educational videos, videos related to the technology, or any general content, you can find a perfect torrent with lots of seeders at TPB. IN other words, TPB was a one-stop solution for all the torrent seekers who do not want to pay for the content but are willing to have them, just by  paying for the internet.

This led the users to the piracy, and this was a major concern of the industry that TPB and other similar websites are appreciating the users of piracy and that somehow is damaging the overall world industry.

This is why TPB faced numerous lawsuits, hard time with the users, being blocked by the governments, and other fierce actions. However, TPB still has a good reputation among the internet users, and the users are using the proxy and mirror links to download the content from TPB where that website has been banned according to the laws.

Countries that have officially banned the TPB

Yes. You heard it right. TPB has been banned in numerous countries that do not want to support the piracy. However, the ban is currently of two types, namely temporary and permanent ban. And here, we will talk about the countries who have permanently banned TPB for their residents.

The countries that banned the TPB include India, Russia, Qatar, Iran,and numerous others. However, the ban doesn’t mean that you can’t access the website in any other way. The proxy servers and the mirror links come handy if your country has blacklisted TPB. You can easily use any of them to use and download the torrent and have high-quality content at your PC for free.

Mirrors and proxy that work

Mirrors and Proxy servers are the best ways to search the internet without being traced by the authorities. And for those who are not aware of these, can search for the working TPB proxy on the internet to gain access to the unrestricted world of The Pirate Bay. Look at this useful proxy list, there you can found the pirate bay proxy list for unblocking him in many countries.

Some of the working TPB proxies are

  • top
  • com
  • ch
  • io
  • me
  • com
  • bz

And many more. Although, till the time you read the article, some of these websites won’t be able to work, but you can easily search for tons of proxies like this just by searching them on your favorite search engine.

Importance of VPN while downloading content from TPB mirrors

Even though you are using a proxy server to access TPB, it is recommended that you should use a reliable VPN (Virtual Private Network) for yourself before downloading any content from the torrents website. VPN simply encrypts every single signal you send and receive from the internet and it makes almost impossible to track you geographically. So, for the safety sake, if you are using the torrents to download the content, try finding a good quality VPN service for yourself.


IN all, TPB is one of the best platforms to get all the torrents without any issues. However, you need to be extra careful while downloading the content, as it nurturing piracy which is illegal in many countries.

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