55W Super Charger Will be Huawei Mate X Exclusive

Well, all of us are aware of the fast chargers. More “watt” means faster in the battery. Till now, we have experienced VOOC charger which is a  20W charger and is famous for its fast charging and you may have seen the promo of “ten mins charge, two hours talk!”. Well, that’s also because VOOC charger charges almost 30% in just ten minutes if your phone battery is about to die.

Huawei has climbed up to the third position right after Samsung and Apple is the last quarter in terms of global shipping of devices. Now, it’s up to revealing its first foldable device Huawei Mate X and along with that, it’s bringing a new sensation, a 55W supercharger! Well, frankly speaking, we have tested Oppo VOOC charger and One Plus dash charger and both provide a full charge in just an hour and both come with the similar power output of 20W. Let me tell you an astonishing fact, a company has claimed that the charger can charge a device with 3500 mAh battery in just 20 mins!

We have no clue how fast this supercharger will charge the device. If it’s a 55W charger, then we are quite sure that it will charge the device at least two times faster than the existing VOOC charger! Still, we are unaware whether there is any change is the type C charging port or not. But we are expecting a solid change. Stay tuned for more update on this supercharger.

And another point, this charger will only be available with Huawei Mate X, which is going to be the first foldable device from Huawei’s incubation!

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