One Plus Started Sending Invite For MWC 2019

One Plus is cooking something for its users and one thing is confirmed that it’s coming up with multiple surprises at MWC 2019, Barcelona. As of now, according to some insider news, One Plus will launch mobile and a smart TV. As the company believes in ‘flagship class within budget price’, we are expecting a formidable smart TV and its upcoming mobile One Plus 7 on this occasion.

The company started sending invites for a closed-door function in MWC. On the invitation card, written text is also encouraging- ‘Imagine the future with One Plus’. It points out some never seen features in its smart TV and the One Plus 7 which has been one of the anticipated devices till now and it has been always. One Plus has been tagged as a flagship killer. But by the course of time, it becomes a flagship itself.

We need to wait until the event gets the end in Ultramarinos which is a restaurant in Barcelona. One Plus 7 which is expected to come with 5G technology for ultrafast internet connection as the device sports Snapdragon 855 that’s specially designed for 5G tech. The date has not been mentioned on the invitation, that’s why many experts are spotting it as a rumor and according to the One Plus has not initiated anything like that though there’s no official statement till now, so it has become a fuzzy thing overall but from a solid source we got informed that the Ultramarinos had been booked already for an event of One Plus.

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